12 agosto, 2006


Random Thoughts

He has found a dream that must come true
But this dream perhaps won't make it through.
He takes the time to understand the seasons
Yet it seems that time will never be a reason.

If it wasn't for the purity of her heart,
He would not have fallen and hurt;
If it wasn't for her blessed soul,
He would not be stressing like a fool.
If only she could see into what must;
But today once again fell like a gust.

There is so much to believe in;
So much he should never have felt;
But good things are happening;
Her heart is opening in secret.
Perhaps she can no longer pretend
Perhaps she sees all he wishes to tend.
Everything he needed fell into her arms
Won't you help untie them and cause no harm?
If only his heart wasn't open to pain..

So much is fleeing away from this dream;
Images are slowing vanishing in vain
What part of it is thick like cream?
What part will he not forget tomorrow?
An eternity and never a feeling so deep will grow.

Lovely Bee

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